Something Blue and Flying Upwards: New and Selected Poems by Roger Nash

former President of the League of Canadian Poets

Winner of the Canadian Jewish Book Award for Poetry for 1997

Winner of the Arc Confederation Poets' Award for "Circumstantial Evidence of the Visitation of Angels"

Winner of the 1993-94 Fiddlehead Poetry Contest for "In the Kosher Chow Mein Restaurant"


A sumptuous selection from each of Nash's previous six books, plus a generous helping of new poems.

Roger Nash is a poet and a philosopher. In poetry his dual vocations coalesce, and we encounter, as Nash puts it in his essay on “The Demonology of Verse,” “the spontaneity of language at play, establishing connections that at first strike us as crazily new, but then startle us again as so completely true to the character of the language that they are in a way ‘impersonal.’”

 Praise for Roger Nash’s poetry:

 “. . . helps restore the vital enchantment of things we take too much for granted.” (Richard Lemm, Atlantic Provinces Book Review)

 “Roger Nash releases language in hot pursuit of an idea, allows it to discover its own resources, to push through to its own affirmations.” (Richard Poole, Gadfly, UK)

 “. . . a delicious blend of levity and lyricism . . .” (Renee Rodin, Outlook)

 “. . . fresh, incisive, with twists and turns impossible to predict.” (Al Purdy)

"Reading his new poems, I'd have to say that he is one of the most underrated poets in Canada ... these new poems sing." (John Cunningham, Prairie Fire Review of Books; read the full review here.)

“Nash is an artful interloper ... No wonder [he] can count the late Al Purdy as one of his fans.” (Erin Wunker, Canadian Literature; read the full review here.)

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Published September, 2006
ISBN 1-896350-19-4
126pp. softcover
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Poem - This is My Mother's Camera

About the Author

Roger Nash was born in Maidenhead, England, in 1942. Surviving the blitz, and being bombed out of his pram, he was raised in Egypt and Singapore. He arrived in Canada in 1965, and has lived mainly in Sudbury since, though with brief detours to Guelph, and to farm in the Tawatinaw valley, northern Alberta. He is a Canadian citizen. 

Nash is a professor in the Philosophy Department at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. He has degrees from the universities of Wales, McMaster and Exeter. A Fellow of Thorneloe University, he has taught Philosophy and English Literature in England and Canada, at the Universities of Exeter, Guelph, Athabasca and Laurentian.

As President of the League of Canadian Poets he helped create the position of Canadian Poet Laureate. His poetry has been widely published in Canada, the United States and England, and he has won a number of awards, including the Canadian Jewish Book Award for Poetry, and the Arc Confederation Poets’ Award. He is a synagogue cantor.