Arcadia Borealis: Childhood and Youth in Northern Ontario, by George Case

The literary memoir a region and a generation have long awaited!

Imagine Morley Torgov’s A Good Place to Come From for Gen-Xers; or Stephen King’s “Stand By Me” set in the lands around Lake Superior; a Look Homeward, Angel for the country of the Group of Seven.

One person’s experiences coming of age in the 1970s and 80s among the small towns and steel cities of the rugged Canadian Shield, Arcadia Borealis is a funny, sad, and deeply reflective meditation on time, change, and the meaning of home.  A linked series of self-contained essays that move from hockey cards and comic books to Black Sabbath and The Exorcist, and from classmates and neighbour kids to drug dealers and drinking buddies, its real subject is memory:  looking back on a life transformed, on the people who shared part of the journey and the bittersweet perspectives of the journey’s end.

"George Case is funny, nostalgic, and unsparing, with full command of his voice, in this narrative of life in the Soo in the mid-80s when the plant was having difficulty and the economy was spiraling. ... In the end, he feels the Soo is not only a good place to come from, but a good place to live in."
—F.G. Paci, author of Black Madonna.

"...the work of a young writer, gifted beyond his years, perhaps, but so beautifully thought out and written that it's wonderful to think what lies ahead." —Linda Turk, Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal

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May, 2008
ISBN 1-896350-27-5, 978-1-896350-27-1
174pp. softcover
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About the Author

Returned to Sault Ste Marie in 2007 after twenty years away, George Case is a cultural critic and essayist whose well-received previous books have imagined a future history of the world—Silence Descends: The End of the Information Age (Arsenal Pulp, 1997), and revealed the story of enigmatic Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page—Magus, Musician, Man (Hal Leonard, 2007).