Welling, by Margaret Christakos

From youth in Sudbury, to mothering, to writing, for Margaret Christakos living’s fullness is also, inevitably, disembarking, leaving. “That’s how paragraphs go / on the balls of their pink feet directly / into traffic.” The movement is a continually sensuous welling—from pink, through purple, to blue. Purple is the colour of narrative, the middle place where the poet’s well-honed attention to language and its deliberateness shapes well the pink lyric memory welling up out of the blue shadowy well of what’s “in store.”

Welling has been named one of the Globe's Top 100 books for 2010, one of only three poetry titles on the list! Congratulations Margaret!

Georgia Straight says Christakos is “…one of Canada’s most innovative and exciting writers….”

"...this pièce de résistance, a spectacular achievement enhanced by a formidable talent coming to fruition, contains some of the finest poems to appear in print in recent memory." Judith Fitzgerald, The Globe and Mail, Monday August 30, 2010. Read the full review here.

"'Who / would leave such a place?' This becomes the question of the entire book, exploring a return, exploring home and reasons for returning, reasons for originally leaving, and knowing the difference." rob mclennan. Read the full review here.

“To be a woman in the North (as elsewhere assuredly) is to work, and certainly to be a young woman artist is to be resilient, to struggle and also the transition from rural to urban life, is quite something, not sure if lichen takes well to concrete and asphalt. … Lichen survives in harsh environments, devoid of nutrients and by its life cycle creates the rudiments of an ecology that can bear climax communities of evergreens; from ‘Wellington’, the final poem in Welling: 
     Maybe it’s why I love the unlovable ones:
     more work. Work is a climb of the highest order.”
—Liz Howard, introducing Margaret and Welling at the AvantGarden series inaugural reading, May 31, 2010.

To hear a fascinating conversation about Margaret's book What Stirs listen to the last seven or so minutes of the following podcast from CBC's The Next Chapter, here.

Click here for a podcast of a reading Margaret gave in May; the first poem she reads is from What Stirs but the rest are from Welling, and inserted between the last 2 poems is a conversation with the host Steven Humphrey with reflections on Sudbury, Welling, wind, and mood.

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About the Author

Margaret Christakos grew up “with hills, rock, lakes and short cuts” in Sudbury, Ontario, where winter was winter and summer was a fresh water lake called Ramsey. She is the award-winning author of seven acclaimed poetry collections and a novel, Charisma, shortlisted for the Trillium Book Award. She teaches creative writing and runs ‘Influency: A Toronto Poetry Salon’ at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. Her most recent collection is What Stirs (Coach House 2008). Sooner (Coach House 2005) was shortlisted for the Pat Lowther Award.

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